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Our Team


MRA Group was established in Perth, Western Australia by Duncan Mitchell in 2000. Duncan’s vision was to provide operating and contracting companies access to experienced project management teams capable of delivering integrated technical and commercial project solutions, cost effectively, without the need to build up large staff engineering and project management functions within their existing operations.


The company is an independent, knowledge based, network organisation that can draw from a pool of professional and experienced personnel to meet our clients individual requirements.


Our team includes Project Managers, Project Services Personnel, Procurement Specialists and Engineers covering all aspects of a development project.  Our knowledge and ability to work and communicate as a team enables us to deliver the optimal project solution for our clients.



is a privately owned specialist project management company offering Project Management, Strategic Consulting and Expert Services to our clients in the oil & gas and renewables sectors.





Who We Are

We recognise that the fundamental deliverable of any service is a satisfied customer. To this end we are committed to providing a world class service by:


  • Delivering 'fit-for-purpose' solutions

  • Ensuring a high level of technical integrity is incorporated throughout the project lifecycle

  • Ensuring full compliance with all applicable acts, legislation, codes, standards and specifications

  • Promoting ownership and accountability of health, safety and environment performance for all employees and contractors


The key principles of Quality Management are embraced by operating a customer focused organisation aimed at continually improving performance, which is attained  by setting realistic and achievable targets aligned to our customers needs and expectations



  • Engineering Project Management

    • Project Management of offshore & onshore energy developments

    • Secondment of key personnel into owner project management teams


  • Renewables

    • Provision of key management personnel to owner project management teams

    • Advisory service to ongoing onshore wind farm development in UK



Connect with Us





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